Meet the SMART Patio Door.

We reinvented the folding door. Watch the video!



If bi-fold, stacking, and accordion patio doors are so desired, why don’t more people have them in their home? We asked the same questions and the answer we came up with is, “They are too expensive for most people and businesses”. That’s a shame. After all, this is America…”land of the free, home of the brave”. Shouldn’t we also be home of the affordable stacking door? Our pioneering spirit made us say, “YES”! That’s why we created the SMART Door, the most affordable folding door in the market today!


When you go looking for a folding/stacking/bi-fold/accordion door a couple things you will learn fast is that they are expensive, difficult to install, and require special headers to support the weight. That is…until now. The SMART door is a new approach that gets rid of all these hurdles that keep you from enjoying the beauty and nature that surrounds you.


We took a good look at the bi-fold/stacking/accordion doors on the market and decided that the market needed something new…something completely different. This required a new way of looking at how these “wide opening” doors function. It required out of the box thinking. It required more than just a fancy new “whacha-majig”! It required a completely new technology.


A simple definition of ‘technology” is, “a better way of doing things”. That’s what the SMART Door is. With the SMART Door you don’t need special structural support because all the weight of the panels rests on the bottom track. You don’t need bulky hinges and locks on each door because the panels slide indecently of each other and interlock for a secure closure. And best of all, you don’t need a fat wallet because the SMART Door is surprisingly affordable.


The SMART Door comes is a variety of configurations, colors, finishes and sizes. The Aluminum SMART Door is available in hundreds of colors and can have real wood cladding on the interior, exterior, or both. It also comes in heights of up to 12ft. The Vinyl SMART Door can be painted in just about any color you can imagine. You can even have it one color on the inside and another on the outside. The Vinyl SMART Door comes in heights of up to 8ft and is perfect for new construction thanks to the nail-fin frame that is also available.


Does the thought of rebuilding a header and other support for a folding door make you cringe and give you a headache?? Well, now you put down your aspirin and put the smile back on your face because with the SMART Door you don’t need to worry about it. Why? Because our ingenious designer discovered a way to put all the weight of the SMART Door on the bottom track rather than the header. Because of this, there is no special header required. A suitable header for the span is all that is needed.

Open either from one side only…or both.

The SMART Patio Door comes in two design configurations: swing door on both sides, or a single swing door on either the left or right end. The remaining panels will slide toward the swing door opening. I.e. if you have a single swing door all the panels will slide to that side. If you have a swing door on both ends, you have some of the panels slide to the right and the others to the left, or you can have all the panels slide to one side only.


How the SMART Door Functions

The Magnaline® System can by used on door configurations of two or more panels. The primary design will have a swing door on one end and a series of panels beside it. Upon opening the swing door a space is created for the next panel over to slide. When the panel slides into place beside the open swing door, the panel itself converts to a swing door. Each panel in turn does the same. This all happens on a single track that supports the full weight of the door from beneath.



The first panel is a swing door. It can be either on the right end, left end, or one on both ends of the door system.



After opening the swing door on the end, the panel next to the opening slides toward the opening and when it slides into position next the the open door the sliding panel converts to a swing panel.



In the same manner, each panel slides to the opening and stack beside the prior providing full use of the opening.

We got rid of the hinges and locks

Unsightly, bulky, cumbersome…are words often used to describe the hardware typically used on folding doors. We got rid of them. The SMART Door has free-floating panels that interlock in a tongue-and-groove fashion to give security without the need of multiple locks. Each panel slide on a bottom track just like traditional slider doors. Because of this, your new SMART Door will not need hinges.

What’s your favorite color?

Virtually unlimited colors selections with our Aluminum SMART Door.

Here are just a few examples of the many color options available to you!

Magnaline® Systems Hardware was acknowledged by Glass Magazine in 2013 as the "Most Innovative Hardware".

Magnaline – “Most Innovative Hardware” of 2013

Each year, the preeminent magazine in the glass industry (windows, doors, and storefronts) scours the industry looking for the the ‘best-of-the-best’. The winners in each segment of the competition receive a “Glass Award”. In 2013, Magnaline® Systems Hardware was awarded the Glass Magazine Award for the “Most Innovative Hardware”. The Maganaline® Systems Hardware makes it possible to build a folding/stacking door with free floating panels whose weight is fully supported by the bottom track.